Learning Sciences Exchange Fellowship

The Learning Sciences Exchange (LSX) is a two-year fellowship for mid-career professionals who are interested in a challenging cross-sector experience to take their work to new levels. The program’s goal is to help experts across sectors learn how to share crucial insights from the learning sciences with parents, educators, practitioners, and the broader public to positively affect children and families’ lives.

In the next round of fellows, LSX is looking for individuals in five categories:
* Scientists on the cusp of new discoveries in child development
* Social impact entrepreneurs in the field of early childhood seeking to learn more aboutsociety’s critical needs for improving the lives of all young children
* Journalists seeking the next big story in early learning
* Entertainment producers or game developers who want to gain a deeper understandingof how children learn and develop
* Early education policy influencers who design systems for educators to help youngchildren thrive

LSX Fellows will work in teams on cross-sector projects, attend workshops and conferences on the science of learning, and work on concrete deliverables such as blog posts and op-eds. The ideal LSX Fellows candidate will be already engaged in projects related to early child development and learning. Fifteen fellows will be chosen, three from each of the five sectors (learning science, social entrepreneurship, journalism, entertainment, and policy) across North America and Europe. The LSX Fellows’ first meeting is on June 16-17 in Washington, DC at the LSX Summit, an event that will showcase the work of the current class of LSX Fellows. At the culmination of the fellowship in June 2022, the new class of LSX Fellows will showcase their work at a second LSX Summit.

The LSX is a partnership of the International Congress of Infant Studies, New America, and the Jacobs Foundation.
To learn more about the aims of the fellowship, read the Detailed Information and FAQs below and find application information here.

How to Apply
In addition to the online application, all LSX Fellowship applicants must submit short personal statements on the assets they bring (200 words) and what they hope to gain (200 words); a description of a particular area of study or project they would like to embark upon (100 words); a résumé or CV; a list of previous projects or published articles. If an applicant is selected for the short list, references will be requested.


Feb 16 bei 5:59 am In your local timezone (GMT +1)

Fellows will receive a stipend of $5000.00 USD.

Start date
The fellowship will run from June 2020 to June 2022.