Who we are

WPK – the German Science Journalists’ Association

"WPK – the science journalists" – this is the slogan of Germany’s association of science journalists, the Wissenschafts-Pressekonferenz. Our members are all professional science journalists, salaried and free-lancers, working for print media, radio, television, and/or online.

Our mission is to promote quality science journalism. We run seminars, off-the-record discussions, research tours and continuing education workshops for our members. In the public arena we organise debates to drive the dialogue between scientists, policy makers and society.

WPK publishes "meta", a web-journal focusing on current issues of particular relevance to science journalists. Most of the articles are written by WPK members who give their services free of charge.

WPK was founded in Bonn in 1986. It is a registered association with non-profit status, based in Bonn. A five-member board manages the association, supported by freelancers and the WPK office.

A group of friends is affiliated to WPK. Anyone who supports our objectives, but whose main profession is not science journalism, is eligible to become a friend of WPK. Many of our friends work entirely or predominantly for press offices.

WPK is financed by membership fees paid by members and friends and by donations from the Board of Trustees: this is an independent association composed of the major German science organisations, ministries and R&D companies.